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Native Title & Aboriginal Heritage



Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and advise on all future act, indigenous land use and aboriginal heritage agreements, including their compliance and implementation. We further assist our clients in all commercial matters including the protection of the intellectual property and submissions to government.

We have developed long term relationships with a number of traditional owner groups who instruct MacLean Legal as their sole legal provider or on a case by case basis for complex matters which require specific skill. We have proudly been the sole legal provider for Palyku native title claim group since 2010 and for the Ngarla People as represented by Wanparta Aboriginal Corporation since 2011, including the maintenance of all ORIC compliance requirements pursuant to the CATSI Act.  

Above: Pardoo Beef Corporation Irrigated Agriculture Project ILUA Signing

We pride ourselves in being lawyers with a difference, by aiming to support our traditional owner clients with legal strategies and advice that empower them to meet their individual goals; whether it be to protect culture and heritage, prosper commercially, protect their native title rights and interest or to leverage of same. And our lawyers conveniently travel regularly to the Pilbara and to remote locations around Western Australia as required.  

Our 2017 - 2018 project experience with traditional owners

  • Negotiation, registration and implementation of an indigenous land use agreement for a major infrastructure project in the Pilbara.

  • Negotiation, registration and implementation of the first indigenous land use agreement under the State Government’s Water for Food Program in the Pilbara.

  • Negotiation of a land swap in lieu of compulsory acquisition of determined native title country, which included perpetual leases being granted to the traditional owners for enterprising purposes.

  • Negotiation of various native title agreements including for the development of gold, rock, lithium and iron ore interests.

  • Negotiation of various frameworks for the establishment of Committees and Foundations auspiced with the National Trust of Australia (WA);

  • Monitoring, compliance and implementation of 12 native title agreements for substantial infrastructure and mining projects, 3 indigenous land use agreements including a claim wide agreement, 7 commercial agreements and 45 Aboriginal heritage agreements.

  • We represented our clients in all Courts and Tribunals in WA including in private mediation and in the circuit courts in Nullagine, Karratha and Broome.

  • Management of all expedited future act proceedings for exploration and prospecting interests for two traditional owner groups in WA.