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MacLean Legal has experience in representing both the applicants and respondents of Violence Restraining Orders and Misconduct Restraining Orders, in both the Magistrates Court and the Children's Court when the applicant or respondent is a child.

Violence Restraining Orders (VRO).

A VRO is an order limiting legal rights legal rights by restraining the respondent interacting with the person seeking to be protected in cases of actual or threatened physical and emotional abuse. There are two versions of VROs based on the relationship of the parties. The first is for domestic relationships where there is a family relationship or both parties co-habitate. The second is for non-domestic relationships.

Misconduct Restraining Orders (MRO).

An MRO differs to a VRO in 2 ways. Firstly, they only apply to non-domestic relationships. Secondly, they it is an order limiting legal rights by restraining the respondent from breaching the peace, causing fear, damaging property or intimidating the person seeking to be protected. It is sufficient if the court determines that the intimidation and/or offensive behaviour can lead to breaching the peace, causing fear and damaging property.

What to do if a VRO or MRO has been made against you.

MacLean Legal also represents those people that have VROs and MROs taken out against them. It is your legal right to object to the Order in court before the Order is finalised. We are able to help you in these circumstances with both advice and representation. We have years of experience in the both sides of VRO orders, so please contact us if you would like to exercise you right to object to the Order.

Magistrate Court Fact Sheets

Please click on the links below for the Magistrate Court's fact sheets for VROs and MROs. 
Violence Restraining Orders
Misconduct Restraining Orders